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Our Projects

HN Group was established in 2013. Mr. Haseeb Niazi is the founder and CEO of the HN Group. HN Group started their journey with HN Schools. It was a huge success and helped the company evolve. The company has six sections now including HN Schools; all of the sections provide different services for people.

HN Schools

Spanning over 200 branches HN Schools serves the educational needs of several cities of Pakistan. HN Schools’ main objective is to provide parents and stakeholders with an opportunity to engage meaningfully in public education, which is only possible when they have access to clear, robust, timely and continuous information about how their students and schools are doing throughout the country.

HN Security

HN Security surpasses our competition in meeting the standards of what a security guard company consists of in the industry today. HN Security provides security services to the citizens in need. It provides security guards, cash collection facilities, home security plans, and personal security scouts on demand.

HN Pharmaceuticals

HN Pharmaceuticals strives to be acknowledged as one of the most caring community to provide people with their healthcare services. The pharmacy provides its customers with Medicines, Medicine Production, Medical Solutions of all kind, and Consultancy on Medial issues.

HN Constructions and Real Estate

HN Constructions and Real Estate provides advisory services in Real Estate Industry and also works on constructing buildings of your dreams. Company’s construction services include construction of offices, houses, and factories as well.

HN Productions

HN Productions provides services such as Media Production, Digital Ads, and Events Coverage. It also provides a great deal of photography equipment such as professional cameras etc.

HN Importers

HN Importers provides import services for several kinds of items. The company is providing the best import solutions in the country to satisfy its clientele. The company imports:

  1. Generators
  2. Vehicles
  3. Photocopier
  4. Furniture